Let’s Party!

Parties are a lot of fun and seeing the smile of my children’s faces makes all the hard work worthwhile. Organising a party takes a lot of planning, but getting your kids involved can make things a lot more enjoyable. Allocating small tasks such as writing invitation cards and preparing party bags are a great way for children to join in the fun. This year I ordered personalised labels for party bags which come in assorted colours and designs. They coordinated well with my party theme. All kids love stickers, so I also had personalised name labels printed and popped them into each of the party bags. Name labels are very useful gifts!


Creating a photo corner is a great idea as everyone loves taking photos. We had a banner printed and set up a colourful backdrop. This was also where we played party games, so the arrangement created an attractive backdrop for many photo moments. After each birthday party, we print family photos and display them in an album or give as gifts for family and friends.