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Everyone has his or her own interpretations of life. If there are ten people, there will be ten different perceptions viewing life from different angles.

When seeing a photo, we are viewing life from the photographer’s perspective. Have you ever thought of being the first person, to see and experience the whole story?


黃建榮, Edas

Looking at Edas’s photos, you might find yourself can’t help but smile. He captured the moment in his angles, whether how to interpret them, it’s up to our experiences. For the past six years, Edas has already accumulated 4TB of photographs. How he read Hongkong? There are tens of thousands of ways of seeing.


Tim Sir

Promise is precious, based on its motive, meaning and worth.

Let’s think about it, how would you promise a stranger anything if you do not have any faith in it?


Kel Li

“I have been asked recently, what is my style. I did not give any definition. What is more important is the moment captured. If the photos can bring back your memories when your hair are greyed, this is our value.”

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Every photograph signifies a footnote of the moment. We believe stories should be treasured, read and shared. Fotomax offers over a hundred products to provide customers with more options to express their creativity and ideas, including professional photo printing and other imaging related products.

Photography is a language of communication, and each picture is a cherished memory. 


Metime Capture


People try to capture their moment of somewhere at some time in their own way. It’s like pressing the save button, travellers around the world save the moments by film or words. Every film portrays particular emotion while styles and atmospheres vary with different equipment, film or lens chosen.